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"The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey is a 501(c)3  dedicated to supporting organic agriculture in New Jersey through education, technical assistance and advocacy.  Véronique assisted NOFA-NJ in the creation of its 2017-2019 strategic plan.  NOFA-NJ has accomplished significant results through the adoption of the plan, which demonstrates its appropriateness for the organization and the quality of its design.  Veronique is strong on process and communication, both of which are essential in creating a robust plan in a cost-effective, timely manner.  After getting to know Véronique through the process, we have had the pleasure of seeing her at some civic events that we have attended.  She presents with clarity and authority, and her reputation as a community leader is well-deserved."

Adrian Hyde, NOFA-NJ Executive Director




"The risk analysis project we conducted with Veronique was a great success. Véronique led our team through a structured process where we examined all potential sources of mishaps and assessed the impacts and risk level of each. This methodology resulted in a comprehensive set of potential issues, prioritized by importance, so that alignment on priorities was built-in. Véronique’s process-focused approach made it possible to discuss issues without finger-pointing and her knowledge of and experience with the methodology gave us confidence in the outcome. Getting ‘on the same page’ can be a challenge for our geographically and functionally dispersed organization; and so an additional benefit of this project was the improved level of understanding and appreciation for other people’s work. We saw valuable benefits while enjoying the experience!"
Kiku Loomis, Rainforest Alliance Director of Claims, Trademarks & Traceability





"Véronique is a very clear thinker, and experienced in analyzing complex situations to discern ways to simplify them.  We benefitted from her expertise when we set up our program management system at Trenton Circus Squad. I would trust her to apply excellent logic, as well as proven Six Sigma skills, to other nonprofit operations. She also has a low-key, collaborative air about her which makes it easy for staff at all levels to get along with her."
Zoe Brookes - Executive Director of Trenton Circus Squad

"Véronique has a hunger for constant improvement. She had the ability to really understand the needs of our customer, which enabled us to focus our efforts on improving the items that matter.  This saved us time and allowed us to simplify our processes. I have seen Véronique take on the role of trainer, mentor and coach to all levels of the organization, from the shop floor to top executives."
Clement J Hilton - Plant Manager at The Chemours Company

As president of the Sourland Conservancy I can say that our organization is extremely fortunate to have found and appointed Véronique as our treasurer.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to protect, promote and preserve the unique character of the Sourland Mountain region.  Véronique is dedicated to the outdoors and to conservation.


Véronique will always advocate smart approaches and solutions. In rambling discussions she can cut through the noise and offer pertinent and to-the-point recommendations.  We value her contributions immensely!

Joanna Fiori - President of the Sourland Conservancy

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