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Risk reduction

All people make mistakes, but there are some things that you cannot afford to go wrong because they could seriously damage the organization. Where the largest risks are very much depends on the nature of your work but every organization has their own, ranging from client and personnel safety to financial, legal or even reputational.


Therefore in every organization there will be a set of tasks that is truly critical, whether it is client screening, major donor communication or product certification that allows others to use your name. These are very different activities but they all have in common that they need to be right the first time, yet you probably cannot afford to redo all the work multiple times either.


This is where specific tools can help. Six Sigma has been known to reduce the number of instances that go wrong to one in a million, although a more typical reduction is by 70% initially. The most difficult part is getting started. Oomen Consulting can help you to stop worrying about what can go wrong, so you can focus on your mission.


Case study

A large organization providing product certifications wanted to investigate where the risks to its brand were. This organization enjoys great partnerships and excellent growth in its impact, yet its management realized that safeguarding its reputation was of utmost importance.


In working with a team of internal experts we found that the processes used to protect the integrity of the brand were well designed but that there were several areas that could be made more resilient to human error or abuse. Through a combination of small and larger changes that are all fully supported by the organization, this nonprofit will greatly reduce its chances of severe damage to its reputation.

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