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Measurement is the new buzzword in nonprofit world. And with good reason: more and more organizations find that they need data to convince their major donors that money is well spent. But many still don’t realize that measurement of performance is even more important to provide the organization itself with the information it needs to make it more effective.


Oomen Consulting’s approach to outcome measurement has the following characteristics:


1. We develop measurements to fit within the strategic framework. Your strategic plan should show the link between your activities and your mission. The measurement framework should give you the means to validate the effectiveness of your approach and show where it needs adjustment.

2. We go for minimum essential. Data collection takes time and effort and therefore it must be worth it.

3. We help you tell a story. How you representation you data makes a big difference in how it is perceived. We can draw upon a shear inexhaustible set of different ways to show data.

4. YOU own the measurements. One of the most difficult aspects of implementing outcome measurement is that it requires a shift in culture. At the end of the day a measurement system can only be effective if it is useful to the people who work with it every day. We make sure that it is.


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