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Helping People Succeed: Giving up Control

July 2017


Effective delegation is hard, because it requires you to let others do what you think you can do better yourself... Read more

Plan to Win: What to Look for in a Strategic Plan

April 2017


Strategic plans come in many ways, shapes and forms. So how can you determine if a plan is a good one? Here are some keys to look for... Read more

Book Review: Systems Thinking for Social Change

February 2017


“Whether you are committed to ending homelessness, strengthening education, improving public health, reducing the problems of poverty, developing environmental sustainability or helping people  live better lives in other ways, you may have noticed that the organizations and systems you want to change have a life of their own.”


This is the start of the introduction of a remarkable book by David Stroh...Read more

Succeeding at Change: Project Management

December 2016


“All improvement takes place project by project and in no other way.”Dr Joseph Juran


You are a project manager. You may not know it, but you are. The choice to that you have is to be a good project manager or a bad one or, even worse, let others run your projects for you. Read more


Metrics done Right: 5 Strategies for Success

November 2016


For many people performance measurement still sounds scary, difficult or like something only for-profit organizations do. Yet there are tremendous benefits to be gained in alignment and more focused resource allocation. And it's not that hard. Here are 5 proven strategies used by successful performance managers. Read more


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